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Krister Gullström

General Manager


Tikkurila is a leading Finnish company in the paint industry known for its strong brands, high-quality surface treatment products and expert services. In 2016, Tikkurila’s revenue totaled EUR 572 million, and it had some 3,000 employees.

Tikkurila has been rolling out Medius Flow for its supplier invoices process along with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics. Tikkurila turned to EFF for support with these projects. EFF provides on-site and off-site training, processing and problem-solving in multiple countries.

When implementing systems and tools like Medius and Dynamics, the hope is that individual and organizational work processes will be streamlined and thereby improve quality, safety, and efficiency of operations. The reality is, however, that these technologies may prove frustrating for frontline operators and organizations as the systems may not fit their usual workflows, and the anticipated individual and organizational benefits take time to materialize.

EFF has been successful in helping Tikkurila avoid such a scenario by providing experienced consultants and operators who have already been through similar implementations and who, on a daily basis, work with these systems and processes.