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Krister Gullström

General Manager


Haldex is a Sweden-based company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry.

A program for unifying and improving IT-systems with accompanying organizational changes was started by Haldex. EFF was given the task to support Haldex in this project.

As a first step EFF started providing services for manual work needed to keep the business running during the transformation process. The most important task here is the so called triangulation process. It involves issuing internal invoices in one company and receiving and registering them as supplier invoices in another company. The transactions need to be tracked and then summarized and reported as triangular turnover in the VAT reporting.

The second step in the cooperation between Haldex and EFF is the accounts payable process. Here EFF registers and processes supplier invoices with Medius Flow and Microsoft Dynamics (Axapta). EFF also supports Haldex with on-site implementation, training and support at its different locations. During the roll-out of Medius EFF also supports the accounts payable flow in older systems, for example in Germany and France. In some cases EFF has assisted with creating temporary solutions which provide electronic flow and archiving of invoices without a fully functional invoice workflow solutions like Medius in place.

For Haldex EFF also provides some special services such as reporting Intrastat and VAT in Hungary for a Swedish company with a permanent establishment there. EFF also assisted with registrations necessary.