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Duni Expenses

Duni Expenses

EFF has, in cooperation with a partnering company, developed and expense management tool which is used for travel and general expense reporting – COFIHR.

The tool is used within Duni, a Swedish limited public company with about 2000 employees.

EFF takes care of setting up and configuring the organization and its users in the system. The daily processing of requests and reports as well as maintenance, payments and accounting are also provided by EFF. The system not only calculates compensations and produces reports but also allows companies to have an approval process for travel and expense requests as well as for the final reports.

Duni gets, through EFF’s support, a complete overview of past and future travel activity and can also require business travelers to provide a pre-trip cost estimate. The system also has procurement functionality for indirect purchases and is especially useful for controlling non-standard purchases. COFIHR provides an accounting interface and Duni has set this up so that transactions can be easily imported and booked in the main accounting system.