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Informed Sources

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Krister Gullström

General Manager

Informed Sources

Informed Sources specializes in market analysis, as well as offering consulting services and assistance in implementing business intelligence solutions. The company was founded in Australia in 1987, and since then expanded to seven different countries, including Poland.

In 2012, Informed Sources established their Polish subsidiary which is owned by British Informed Sources. The Polish company’s role is to supervise work of Informed Source’s Swedish and Norwegian operations. Informed Sources turned to Duni EFF for support with the process of establishing this Polish legal entity.

The consultations’ purpose was to avoid mistakes and omissions of legal or financial nature. EFF advised on the subjects of:

  • Relevant tax office designation
  • Taxpayer identification notification NIP-2
  • VAT and VAT-UE registration
  • Establishing fiscal year and notifying the relevant tax office about the adopted calendar Informed Sources’ reporting obligations, inter alia:
  • Establishing an accounting period for the first financial statement
  • Establishing an accounting period for the first CIT declaration
  • considering the pros and cons of reporting in compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • VAT reporting obligations
  • Central Statistical Office and National Bank of Poland reporting obligations
  • Chart of accounts
  • Ledgers
  • VAT registration documents
  • Fixed assets inventory

EFF’s team was able to address any inquires within the previously agreed 2 days; usually over the phone or via e-mail or – if a situation called for it – in person.  Drawing on the EFF team’s experience and knowledge, Informed Sources was able to set-up independent accounting routines. Duni EFF’s assistance was comprehensive and its scale well exceeded financial costs of the service.

On a yearly basis EFF have since the formation of Informed Sources’ Polish entity assisted with statutory accounting for Informed Sources Nordic subsidiaries, i.e. Annual Reports, Tax Returns and ad-hoc issues related to personnel and VAT.